Dear Customers,

Due to the Coronavirus Pandemic we have voluntary moved our operation to our household.

This is possible because we are a family business and we only sell online.

To reduce social contact to a minimum we will only ship our products twice a week during this period.

Due to the Pandemic, delivery may take longer than usual on affected countries. In some cases more than a month! Please be patient.

Tracking information is broken, NOT WORKING! In most cases after the parcel leaves Portugal no more tracking information is provided, this does not mean that the parcel is still in Portugal.

If you think your parcel is late for delivery our advice is that you contact your local Post Office. In some cases it is already there waiting for you!

Feedback from customers is that there are delays but parcels eventually arrive. 

Europe is the less affected Region. US varies a lot from state to state.

We did stock before the outbrake of Covid19 and we believe we can continue working without any relevant shortage during the next 3-4 months.

Be safe! Stay at home!