Terms and conditions of use

Corona Virus inportant information

Due to the Coronavirus Pandemic we have voluntary moved our operation to our household.

This is possible because we are a family business and we only sell online.

To reduce social contact to a minimum we will only ship our products twice a week during this period.

We did stock before the outbrake of Covid19 and we believe we can continue working without any relevant shortage during the next 3-4 months.

Be safe! Stay at home!

Payment methods

a) By Paypal

Payments made with Paypal will be processed by PayPal S.à r.l. & Cie, S.C.A (Europe). Please refer to the Legal Agreements for PayPal Services at https://www.paypal.com

B) By Visa, Mastercard, Maestro or Regional cards

Payments made with credit card will be processed by HIPAY, under the service agreement between the contracting parties, Ricardo da Silva and Hipay Portugal. For further details please refer to https://hipay.com

c) By Bank Wire

Payments made by Bank Wire (Money transfer) are only valid after we receive the funds into our bank account. We will not ship any order based on a transfer receipt sent to us by email.

We reserve the right to refuse a payment if there is a risk of delivery failure to a given location or customs restrictions. In this case a total refund is given to the client.

How to order

To order please select the product you wish to buy on our online shop, on the right panel of the product page choose your options and then click "add to cart". The product will be added to your cart located on the top right of the online shop web page. To complete the payment select the cart and proceed to "check out", then follow the steps for payment.

For payments with Paypal, instant check out is available by pressing the yellow "Paypal check out" button.

Time contract takes effect

The contract between parties starts on the moment a valid payment is confirmed and lasts up to 15 days after delivery. During this time the buyer has the right to return the product or claim for a replacement for a damaged product. For more information please refer to returns.


At the moment of purchase the client receives a email with the order Details, please read carefully that email and check if your order is correct. Further emails are due after payment clearance, order status and or delivery status.

A legal invoice (fatura) will be sent with your order. In case of delivery failure or return, a invoice copy (duplicado de fatura) will be sent over on the second attempt to deliver your order.

Shipping address and billing address

Due to customs restrictions and taxation policies, shipping to one address and billing to another address is only possible for residents in Portugal.

The right of withdrawal

A order can be cancelled in case it has not yet been shipped. A fee may be charged in order to cover for the Credit Card processing or Bank Transfer costs.


We deliver our parcels usually by priority/1st class airmail with tracking - Europe 3 to 10 days and rest of the world 5 to 20 days. Delays may occur due to customs clearance or other reasons for which we are not responsible. Usually all orders are sent in 1-2 working days, special orders or special products may take longer. In case of delay, orders will be upgraded and sent by express prime mail, if available in the country of destination. During the Christmas season and summer holidays, mail deliveries are prone to delays.


We accept returns up to 15 days after delivery, in this case a total refund will be issued after we received the goods without any defects or signs of use.

When returning products from non EU countries to the European space please state on the parcel that it is a merchandise return and fill the customs declaration in accordance (no value added). The original customs declaration sent by us and a copy of the invoice should be available on the outside of the package for customs authorities to check.

Residents in Portugal

Informa-se que em caso de litígio o consumidor poderá recorrer ao centro de arbitragem a seguir designado:

Centro de informação e consumo e arbritagem do Porto

Rua Damião de Gois 31, Loja 16, 4050-225 Porto

Tel. 225508349 Fax. 225026109  Email cicap@mail.telepac.pt


Only people can help people

If you have any doubt or question please contact us, we will do our best to provide you our best service.

Thank you!